Tax Tools

Small Business Relief
Download the SBA Loan application for the Payment Protection Program here.

Complete your own tax return by using this tool here.

Check the status of your Stimulus Check, change your direct deposit or mailing address information and view FAQ’s regarding Stimulus Checks here.

Check the status of your Refund Check using this tool here.

What to bring to your tax appointment (if applicable):

  • Prior Year Return
  • Wage Statements/W-2s
  • Driver’s License(s)
  • Social Security Card(s)- Taxpayer, Spouse & Dependents
  • Letter 6475, if you received Stimulus Payment in 2021
  • Letter 6419, if you received Child Tax Credit payments in 2021
  • Child care expenses and Provider Information
  • Lottery or Gambling winnings/losses
  • State or local taxes paid
  • Mortgage or home equity loan interest paid/Form 1098
  • Real estate and personal property taxes
  • Cash and non-cash charitable donations
  • Medical and dental expenses
  • Record of purchase or sale of residence
  • Alimony paid or received
  • Unreimbursed employment-related expenses
  • Job-related educational expenses
  • Educator expenses
  • Tuition and Education Fees/Form 1098-T
  • Student loan interest/1098-E
  • Casualty or theft losses
  • Commissions received/paid
  • Pension, retirement income/1099-R
  • Unemployment income/1099-G
  • Canceled Debt Amount/1099-C
  • Social Security income/SSA-1099
  • IRA contributions
  • Statements on the sales of stocks or bonds/1099-B
  • Interest and dividend income/1099-INT/1099-DIV
  • State refund amount/1099-G
  • Income and expenses from rentals
  • Self-employed business income and expenses/1099-MISC
  • Estimated taxes of foreign taxes paid
  • HUD-1 statement or substitute, if new home purchased